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Dr. Stephen Spelman
Dr. Jeffrey Glynn

Dr. Spelman Testimonials

"Dr. Spelman is the greatest Dentist! He is so gentle and calm, he makes going to the dentist pleasant. His staff is wonderful! I will always highly recommend him to my family and friends" - Nicole Covacevich

"Wonderful experience! Left the office with clean teeth!" - Joyce Zanone

"Your whole staff is awesome!" - Mort Swerling

"Thank you! I was completely satisfied. Will return and refer a friend. It was the Ultimate in dental treatment!" - Tina Paltrineri



Dr. Jeffrey Glynn

"It has been the best experience since I moved to Las Vegas 15 months ago.  I am very happy my co-worker referred me to your office!" - Daniel Garland

"I was pleasantly surprised with how wonderful your office is, I am not one to appreciate a dentist (please no offense) but I do not stop singing your praises to my husband. Thank you for making my visit so nice." - Margie Vichare

"I can now say “I survived a Root Canal”.  Thank you. It was pain free…" - Yoonah Lee

"I’ve been a patient of yours for ??? years… I don’t remember.  I love the new office…closer to home for me… and very swanky.  Everyone in the office is very friendly.  I don’t feel like ‘your 5:30 appointment’ when I walk in.  I’m welcomed like I’m a friend you haven’t  seen in a while.  Don’t get me wrong… I’m nervous every time because I’m worried it might hurt but you make it painless.  I enjoy catching up with everybody.  Thanks for caring about the rest of me, not just my teeth : )" - Jaye MacPherson